Island of Losinj (Lussino)


Ancient names: Bregeide, Apsyrtes, Asporos
Area: 80 kmq
Inhabitants: 6.000 ca
Main town: Mali Losinj (Lussinpiccolo)


Stuck to Cres like a leaf whose stem would be represented by Osor's isthmus, Losinj has not been inhabited until very late in the history. This is why, in the ancient times, it used to be called Island of Osor. In fact, the independence from Osor traces back only to the XVth century. The name of Losinj (Insula de Lossino) was mentioned for the first time in 1384. According to some scholars, this name may come from the Croatian words luzina ("scrub") and/or lose ("bad").



Lussinpiccolo (1 & 2)